Stella’s Adventures in…Online Dating?

Being fresh out of a shitty relationship, I’d like to make it clear that I’m not truly in the market for a new relationship.  I created profiles on some major dating websites, under my real identity, as a bit of a social experiment: What happens when one is honest about their submissive side?

Long story short, it was sooooo bad I deleted all of the profiles within a few days.  It’s like some men, typically vanilla, see the words kinky or submissive and assume easy or slutty.

“I see you’re submissive. I bet you’d really like to suck my cock.”

A real quote, unfortunately.  I blocked him because I just couldn’t reply to such stupidity.  No, random dude, I wouldn’t like to have your cock anywhere near me or my mouth…ever.  You mean nothing to me.


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