Something Amazing

Something amazing happened today – I got over it.  Him.  Jason.  The “Dom” (and I use that term lightly) that screwed me up so badly.

How do I know?

First, some background.  I occasionally suffer from night terrors.  Different from nightmares, google if you don’t know.  These terrors usually consist of me still being in bed, dark shadows drifting around my bed, and feelings of absolute dread and terror.  Similar to sleep paralysis, but you are not awake.  However, it is impossible to tell you are not asleep.

Okay, Stella, these night terrors do not sound so amazing.  To the point!

Oftentimes during these terrors (because I think I am awake) I attempt to seek some sort of comfort.  I grab my phone, by my bed in dreams as it is in my real life, and, typically, I would attempt to call or text Jason.  This time, it wasn’t him….

I still woke up terrified out of my mind – but, it wasn’t him I wanted.  That’s how I know.


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