I woke up this morning feeling so lost, unable to shake the feelings of pure uncertainty.  Part of me wants to run and never stop.  The other part of my just can’t seem to look away – like a gory accident.

But – this isn’t a political blog so I shall go no further.

No major updates in my submissive adventures.  I am talking with a few Doms – but, for every good Dom I speak with, there are about a million that I had to block.

It is difficult.  I’m still a little fragile from previous bad experiences, most aren’t willing to go at my pace… aren’t willing to wait that long.


5 thoughts on “Lost.”

  1. Finding a Dom is probably one of the scariest things I can imagine. You can’t get much more vulnerable than being a submissive. Trust me I know how frusrating it is but taking your time is smart. If someone can’t understand that then they aren’t the right one for you. I don’t have much advice but I want you to know I feel your pain and that you aren’t alone.

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