You know what’s so frustrating?  Talking to someone for MONTHS and then they constantly (and randomly!) disappear.  I used to make up excuses for him – busy, busy, busy.  But… I’m busy, too.

This is why I am so frustrated.  I don’t know how people do this.  My very first boyfriend raped me.  The most recent vanilla ex?  He threatened to kill me.)  The messages that fill my Fetlife and Collarspace inboxes are 99% abusive, sexist filth.  When I do find someone worth talking to, they disappear in days or they’re too far away to take seriously.

Everyone keeps saying, “be patient, the right one will come.”  Are you sure?  My patience is wearing thin.



2 thoughts on “Silence.”

  1. *hug* Some men are just assholes, even when they seem decent at first. I had four do the ignoring/ghosting thing with me. Silence is a hard limit for me and they each knew that and did it anyway. I know how you are feeling, and it is easy to be overwhelmed with disappointment. It sounds trite, but there is a good Dom out there for you. It just may take a lot more digging to find him. Please don’t lose faith. You deserve someone who truly cares about you.

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    1. Thanks! I also list silence/being ignored on the very top of my hard limits – at the very least, I wish these men would have the decency to just tell me they are no longer interested. It would save such a headache!

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