Stella has standards.

I have had an account on Collarspace for a few months now and, let me tell you, it has certainly been an adventure.  I have met some very interesting individuals on that site.  Just today I’ve had a death threat AND a marriage proposal.  It’s crazy.

However, this isn’t about the Collarspace crazies – we shall let that be for now.  This is about having standards and sticking to them.  I have a few very clear preferences and limits on my profile.


I am only interested in men taller than me and men older than me (but not old enough to be my father).  Though, age is slightly negotiable.

My number one hard limit is being shared.  I do NOT share my Dom and I will not be shared with other Doms. 

I don’t have anything against large age differences or those who enjoy sharing/being shared.  They just aren’t for me and because, for some, those limits are deal-breakers, I want to be honest immediately.

I had an awful lot of butt-hurt in my inbox today.  Grown men, some more than twice my age, whining.  Some going so far as to tell me I am hateful and stupid and “not a real submissive.”  Some were nice enough to mask it as ‘advice’:  “You’ll never find a good Dom in that age range – you should really loosen up your standards.”

But, why!?  Why should I have to!?  I’m 27.  If I can’t find a good Dom ages 30ish-40ish, then it isn’t me that has the problem.  Not to mention, if I don’t enjoy being shared… why should I force myself to enjoy it just for them?


2 thoughts on “Stella has standards.”

  1. Good for you! Never settle. You are a strong and smart woman and deserve exactly who you want. By the way, your criteria is far from stringent and there is no bigger turn off than a whiny, insecure Dom. I look forward to reading about your journey. I have no doubts you will meet the perfect Dom very soon!

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    1. Thanks so much! Agreed about the whiny, insecure Dom comment – it is such a HUGE turnoff. Especially when these men are twice my age, I just want to tell them to grow up!

      I enjoy reading your blog as well – I don’t get around to commenting as much as I’d like though! 🙂

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