I did it…

…well, kind of.

In my last post, I talked about the site I had found that allows people to be available for ‘sexting’ and get paid.  There are other opportunities if you want to sell photos (or panties) as well, but I figured sexting was super easy.

I was having a dilemma, not sure if I wanted to BUT I created my profile this morning.  All I need to do now is verify my number and throw up a couple semi-sexy pics (face hidden, of course).

So, that’s my quick update.  This will certainly be interesting and I’m hoping it helps break away some of my shyness so I can learn to be more open.



4 thoughts on “I did it…”

    1. You can set your own prices so the minimum you make is 10 cents per text received, but it looks like some of the others charge between 12-15 cents per message. I think you can be texting multiple people at once. I’m not sure how busy it will be or if anyone will even want to text me. LOL. I’m hopefully going to get all my phone stuff verified this evening or tomorrow and I can update further. 🙂


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