All the insecurities

A few days ago, I created a profile on a site that allows people (most likely men) to ‘sext’ me for a small fee.  See those posts, here and here.  I haven’t done anything with it yet but I am semi-anxious to start.

What’s the hold up!?

I CANNOT for the life of me shake these random insecurities that seemed to pop up over night.

A little bit about me – I fall into this awkward category between thin and BBW.  Too big for the people who are into skinny girls and not big enough for the people who are into BBWs.  I don’t know, I don’t understand it but it is my experience thus far.

I want to put a photo on my profile.  Nothing overly revealing, but enough to show an accurate depiction of my body.  I do have issues with photos, a story for another blog post, but I thought maybe because this was anonymous it would be easier.  NOPE.  It isn’t.  I hate everything.

I have some sort of idea in my head that my body is just weird.  Part of me hopes that this adventure into a little piece of the sex industry will help me feel more comfortable with myself.

So, tonight’s goal is to take ONE photo of myself in some sort of lingerie.  Just one.  I can do this… right?



9 thoughts on “All the insecurities”

  1. Stella- RELAX. Deep breaths. Sometimes we are our own worst critics. Me included. Be strong, be proud of who YOU are. Find your voice. get you Sass. Go take some strangers money…lol.. 🙂

    PS- If you need some help dipping your toes into the pool before diving in, I would be more than happy to be non-judgey and help you out( picking pics/trying a few text msgs, etc)… 🙂 YOU GOT THIS!!

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    1. There are a few websites out there that allow you to ‘sext’ and you get paid per message received. I don’t want to give out the exact site for privacy reasons but you could probably easily find it via a search engine. 🙂


  2. How perfectly honest.. Insecurity.. It’s a little monster isn’t it…

    I’m currently writing about 4 steps to get rid of that insecurity so it’s nice to get some inspiration from other blogs. Come on woman, show it off! There’s nothing to be judged about.

    Keep it up !

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