Patience that I do not possess

I’m frustrated today and angry.  Perhaps, a little irrationally.  Part of is can be attributed to a major overhaul of my eating habits in an attempt to be healthier but part of it… can not.

Everyone keeps saying to be patient.  Be patient… be patient.  JUST BE PATIENT.  I keep saying it to myself too: Just be patient, Stella.  It will work out.  It will be okay.  Patience.  But, when is it time to draw the line?



One thought on “Patience that I do not possess”

  1. Your submissiveness shall teach you patience, dear sweet Stella. For the more you push, and yearn for release. The more you shall be denied, until your Dom deems it time. Perhaps your “lack of patience” is really the inner you, seeking to be punished, and to be taught the fine art of “patience”. Know that there is a price to be paid for the lines you have crossed. And, there will be lines laid across your ass, as you struggle against the bonds which hold you helplessly exposed, as you atone for the wrongs you have committed.

    Sleep well……………

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