A little good luck

So lately, all I have been getting on Collarspace are messages like the below.  Cannibals, death threats, and lots of verbal abuse is pretty much the norm in my inbox.


However, shockingly I have been having a fantastic conversation with a Dom who messaged me a few days ago.  Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT getting ahead of myself here. I fully realize that we have only been talking for a few days and, as usual, distance is an issue.  Long story short, I am enjoying the conversation but not about to rush into anything.

I have been talking to a couple of Doms for awhile.  Is it wrong of me to keep my options open like that?  I haven’t made any commitments and I have not been dishonest about it.  I feel a little guilty about it, but cannot pin point why.




3 thoughts on “A little good luck”

  1. I personally think there is nothing wrong to keep your options open. Unless you come across a Dom and discuss being exclusive, you are not beholden to anyone. Same as if you were in a Vanilla scenario.

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