Quick update:  There has been zero response to the major doses of honesty I unleashed on a few people yesterday evening.  That’s fine, try not to let the door hit you on the way out of my life.  The real test will be this weekend when I celebrate the New Year.

Today I woke up with a bit of a new outlook.  I woke up to a few new messages on my Collarspace and FetLife accounts, one was super disgusting and I ignored it… but the others, I actually sent replies.  This is big.  Usually, I ignore 90% of messages regardless of content.  This is a big step in my resolve to stop writing off all Doms as ‘bad’.

I don’t think the Doms I’ve talked to today have any real potential, we have so little in common.  But, at least I tried!  They were friendly enough, but didn’t keep my interest.  I need someone who can do better.  I’ll know when I find him.  Well, actually I thought I HAD found him but life is funny sometimes.  I tried, nothing happened, and that’s that.




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