Goodbye anonymity?

I’m thinking about coming out from behind the Stella-mask.  Would it really be so bad if people knew who I was or what I looked like?


6 thoughts on “Goodbye anonymity?”

  1. Once you come out, you can never go back. My compromise was to share pics without my face included, because of my career I’m potentially going into. I would say be cautious and fully think it through…

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  2. It’s tough. I fight the urge to just “come out” all the time. I feel I am not being fully authentic because I hide in anonymity. However, I always stop myself once I remind myself that once “out” there is no going back. If revealing myself only impacted me, I would do it right now – but it could impact my husband, my kids, and others. So, for me, best to stay anonymous. However, I admire those that do not, and wish you well with whatever you decide is right for you.

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    1. Agreed! I thought it over after the ‘heat of the moment’ of creating this post. It really isn’t worth my coworkers or family accidentally stumbling across it. As much as I’d love to step out from behind the mask, I think the potential issues that could arise are enough to keep me behind it 🙂


      1. I just shared my submissive lifestyle (and a bit more) with my two sisters! It went well. I don’t recommend it, but it just felt right for me and fit in with the type of relationship I have with them. There is a risk…they tell their spouses, their spouses tell someone, etc. But, i just had to tell them. anyway, be careful, and give it lots of thought. If you have that urge to tell someone, give yourself a few days, and if it doesn’t pass,give it a few more. If still it doesn’t pass,then maybe you do it.


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