Why are you single!?

The most annoying question EVER: Why are you single?  They think it’s a compliment, like they’re telling you you’re pretty or something.  Or worse, it could be an implication that there is something wrong with being single.

Not that it is anyone’s business, but I have an answer.  It may include one or all of the below:

1. I’m not patient enough so before anything gets serious, I end it.  (This is the usual cause.)

2. Others aren’t patient enough to break through my shell.  This could be me misreading their intentions.  I can never tell.

3. This kinky thing scares them away OR they are kinky and fail to respect my limits.

4. They don’t challenge me/make me laugh/make me think.

5. My anxiety gets the best of me and, like number 1, I end it before it gets serious.

But, the 6th and final reason is the most important.  I am single because I do not need anyone else to make my life complete.  Sure, the company is nice and I enjoy being in relationships, but I am happy on my own too.  If I can’t be happy alone, I have ZERO business getting myself into a romantic relationship.



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