It’s been an interesting day.  This morning Sir tasked me with having an orgasm every hour for the entire day.  I’ve had six so far and it has been AMAZING.  Also, it’s easier said than done!  An hour is not that much time so I have to be careful not to miss one by getting overly distracted by my own activities.  Each one gets just a little more difficult, my body has a looooong reset period.  All in all, not a bad way to spend a Sunday.

I’m feeling very good today – very inspired and very motivated.  I’ve been working out regularly again.  It helps that Sir has made it a rule.  Everyday I do either Turbo Jam or yoga, sometimes both.  I can get through it easier when I tell myself I’m doing it for him.  Even though, it’s mostly pertains to my own goals and is for my own benefit.  It’s a good routine, at some point I’d like to take pole dance classes but until I improve my strength and flexibility (and my financial situation!) it isn’t an option.

In general, I have been being less of a lazy-head and making more time for my own goals.  I started a gaming channel on YouTube and, eventually, I am going to start livestreaming on Twitch.  I’m pretty obsessed with The Sims.  Unfortunately, since this blog is anonymous, I cannot share very much about that part of my life.

I’m finally starting to make myself a priority and that’s a good thing.  I always forced myself to take the back-burner to others.

Well, time for yet another orgasm. 😉





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