My anxiety is still present but I feel kind of floaty and happy and dreamy today.  (No, it’s not drugs.)  It seems like earlier in the day I had a lot more to say.  Works ruins everything.  I mean, maybe not… I have to make a living somehow. LOL.

Five days a week, I do yoga as part of my workout routine and tonight it made me feel SUPER emotional.  I just read that is quite normal.  Who would have thought?  I am not sad, but I kind of want to cry.

A few posts ago, I expressed a few anxieties I had about Sir’s motives regarding the workout routine I currently have.  Those anxieties have pretty much disappeared now.  Part of my submission is trust.  I need to trust him.

I found the below and it resonated with me.  If he thinks I am beautiful, then I am.





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