There are days, like today, that I struggle for no reason.  I feel anxious and frustrated and just a little bit hopeless. Nothing happened. I woke up and went to work and came home.  A normal day but I feel so far from normal.

I’m not overly satisfied with my life at present and sometimes it seems like Sir is the only good thing I have.  To the point where I worry that talking about him too much on here, or even with my own friends, will jinx it.  I really could go on and on about him, he is constantly on my mind.

I trust him.  I trust him more than I’ve trusted anyone else but my anxiety does not.  It takes my rational thoughts and twists them into all the things that hurt. Every day is a constant struggle to not give in….



One thought on “Jinx”

  1. Im sorry you’re dealing with that. It sucks. Ironically, I just blogged about insecure attachment. The anxious form has a lot of the anxious thoughts you mention. Might be worth looking into. Anxiety sucks either way (I know) and a good therapist can be really helpful. 🙂

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