Adventures in the ER

I haven’t written in awhile.  Part of that was because I didn’t have much to write about, and part of it was because I was extremely sick.  I need to write about this experience because I need to get it out of my head… this can never happen again.

At 3 AM this morning, I had my 8th and final IV full of antibiotics.  Strong ones, the kind meant for serious, antibiotic resistant infections.  I am still taking, and will be for awhile, oral antibiotics.  I really don’t know how it happened or where it came from, but a small bump appeared under my right eye on Saturday and by Tuesday morning I was in the emergency room hooked to an IV and waiting on a CT scan.

I had a fever and was lethargic.  On Monday evening, I had a dream in which I died.  The pressure on my eye was so much that my vision was blurred.  A few years ago, I had something similar on my knee but it never got to this level.  The doctor was worried that the pressure from the lump, which had grown to probably 4-5 inches in diameter (keep in mind, this is on my face) was putting pressure on my sinuses and, possibly, my brain.  Luckily the CT scan showed this was not the case.

I was mildly allergic to one of the antibiotics but because of the severity of the infection, the only solution was to slow down the IV drip.  So a 1.5 hour thing turned into 2.5 hours. There is also a good chance that one or more of the IVs infiltrated the vein, so I have to keep a close eye on my arms for skin changes.  These antibiotics will actually eat skin tissues if they escape the veins.

The doctor said that this can happen to anyone (bad bacteria lives on our skin, unfortunately) but it kind of threw my life into rather harsh perspective.  Specifically when it comes to my diet.  I already do the calorie counting thing… but I am a firm believer that food is our best medicine and I was NOT following that belief.  It’s interesting, my stress level has been at 100% throughout this ordeal but I have not once craved anything sugary or carby.  I’m just done with it.. the alcohol, the sugar, the bread.  Maybe it didn’t directly cause my infection, but I know it played a part.

It’s hard being so alone here.  My parents drove 90 miles to sit with me in the ER and I am thankful (they’ve even offered to help me with the bill, because my high-deductible insurance won’t cover most of it).  Unfortunately, I was alone for the remaining IV appointments.  I had a TV and started re-reading the The Shining, but those hours were long. I know Sir would have been there too if he could have.  The distance frustrates me, I have to be honest.  It frustrates me a lot.



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