Hurricanes & Millipedes

I moved to the southeast portion of the US a few weeks ago, and Mother Nature is throwing me a welcome party in the form of Hurricane Florence.  Thanks, I guess?  I’m not on the coast, but looks like I might still be in the line of fire. Anyway, I have got all my hurricane supplies ready and Wolf will be staying with me.

I’m a midwestern girl.  We don’t get hurricanes.  Just tornadoes.

UGH.  A few days ago I had the biggest millipede I’ve ever seen start crawling across my kitchen floor.  I have never seen anything so disgusting. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a millipede before (just centipedes, equally repulsive). I had to scoop it up onto the lid of my kitchen trashcan and toss it outside.  Now the paranoia is real.

There are also two toads living in my outdoor storage closet, lying in wait for the swarm of crickets/spiders to descend from their spots on the ceiling.  Needless to say, I will never ever open that door again.

Moving on…

I have told myself that I will start writing again.. now that I am mostly settled.  Although, it’ll probably be on my other blog –  That’s my preferred pen name.  Speaking of which, if you have FetLife you can find me with the username StormyFoxx and on Twitter as Stormy_Foxx.


4 thoughts on “Hurricanes & Millipedes”

    1. I’ve been through tons of tornado warnings, but this is much scarier for some reason! I’m glad I bought most of my hurricane preparation stuff over the weekend, there is no water or bread or gas to be found anywhere!

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