Good Girl Dead – **New Release**

Hiiiii everyone!  I did another thing – released another short story.  This one is a little more.. um.. taboo than the last.  Hence, it went under my Stormy Foxx alias.

Find it on Amazon here

And!!  If you’re a member of Kindle Unlimited, you can ready for free.  Otherwise, only 99 cents!




I did a thing!!

Hi everyone!  I’ve been MIA for awhile and here’s why….  I’ve been talking about self-publishing erotica for awhile now and I finally did it.


Masquerade @ Amazon

Be gentle – it’s my first full story (a short one though, at just under 4,000 words).  To be honest, I’ll be happy if I sell 5 copies!  I finally followed through with something I said I was going to do, and I am SO proud of myself.  On to the next story….


Fiction: Used

He had been stalking me for awhile and you know, maybe I shouldn’t have been walking around by myself at 2 AM in such a dark and deserted area but.. hindsight and all that… 

He took me down like a predator who had been waiting for days for prey to stray across his path. I struggled hard and tried to scream but he had a gag in my mouth before anything but a squeak came out.  Being no match for his strength, he dragged me off the dirt path and into the woods.   

I continued my struggle as he bound my hands together and then to a tree branch, but the struggle was weakening as my body betrayed me.  He moved behind me, pulling me against him.. his hard cock pressing into my back.  

“Look at you, slut,” he growled in my ear, pressing his body harder against mine, one hand pressed to my neck, the other teasing my clit. “Tied to a tree, dripping wet… desperate to be fucked.”  

To be continued… maybe.  😉



I thought I’d share a little more of the piece I’ve been working on.  See the first teaser here.

He made quick work of unlocking the door and pulled me inside after him. The door was barely closed before he had me up against it, pulling my dress down to expose my bare breasts, teasing my hardened nipples between his fingers.

“No bra either?” he growled. I could feel his arousal against my thigh and I began to grind against him.  Any inhibitions I may have had at the bar were gone now. 

He pulled away from me, “Patience, my needy little slut.”

A desperate moan escaped my lips and I reached out to pull him back but he stepped out of reach.

“Go upstairs. I will follow in a few minutes and when I do I better find you face down ass up on my bed. Lose the dress too.”

I obeyed and moved toward the stairs, no hesitation.

“Oh and Callista?” he called after me, a dangerous tone in his voice. “You do not want to find out what happens to girls who don’t do as they’re told.”

Busting out of my shell

I have finally been writing, lots and lots of writing and I do not mean blog posts.  Erotica.  So much erotica.  At first it was difficult, I had a lot of inhibitions to get over.  Strange given I am not unfamiliar with the kink world.  The greatest thing about erotica is that I can delve into fantasies I have no real desire to try in real life but still find intriguing – threesomes, gangbangs, girl on girl, fucking bosses/cops/professors for personal gain, rape fantasies (aka consensual nonconsent).  I am far kinkier than I let on.

This is also probably the most honest I have EVER been on this blog.  I’ll start posting some ‘teasers’ here, and I hope that if you happen to read it you keep an open mind and won’t hesitate to give any constructive criticism or comments that pop into your head.  I’m an extremely novice writer, I need these things. LOL


Just a tease..

He pushed me against the wall, pressing his hand to my throat, whiskey scented breath hot against my skin. 

“Tell me what you want me to do to those slutty little holes of yours,” he growled in my ear.  

No one seemed to notice the show unfolding before them.  They were too distracted by the heavy music, alcohol… self indulgence. 

“Fuck me,” I whispered back, pleading.  “God, please, fuck me.”

His hand found the hem of my skirt, and I shivered as he stroked my thigh.  Eyes never leaving mine, his hand moved slowly upward.  A wicked grin crossed his face

“You dirty little girl, no panties?

I could only gasp in response as he pushed a finger inside me.  Fuck.  Then another finger joined the first, a third lightly stroking my clit. 

I no longer cared who noticed…

Reality vs Fantasy

So last week I posted a little snip of something I was working on (see: Hunted) and promptly developed writer’s block.  Go fucking figure.

I also realized I was thinking way too hard to write erotica.  I got a few books from Amazon that contained tips on writing erotica (and they came with kinky thesauruses!). I forgot one major thing, I want to write erotica and not a literary masterpiece. It’s basically brain candy… kinky brain candy.  I’m not going to put out a steaming pile of poop, but I’m also not going to break my brain trying to write it.

I got stuck on the ‘reality’ part.  Then I realized, it doesn’t matter if my character fucks her boss or her professor or a police officer for some sort of personal gain.  IT’S EROTICA. It doesn’t matter that these things might be frowned upon in real life, because it’s a fantasy!  Maybe some of us have super realistic fantasies, but I know mine are not and I am probably not alone.

When I was still living in a different city, there was this gorgeous police officer named Thor.  Yes, that was actually his name.  I won’t pretend I didn’t dream about him spanking me for speeding… and then fucking me in the back of his squad car.  Realistic? Hell no.  Did it turn me on?  YES.