Introducing: Stormy Foxx

Hey there, friends!

I wanted to take a minute to give you a few updates.  Firstly, I have published a second story under the pen name Stormy Foxx, which you can find on Amazon – Taken By the Executives.  Involves group sex in an office setting, if that’s your thing.

Read for free with Kindle Unlimited, otherwise, it’s only 99 cents to download.


Secondly, I have decided to start a new website/blog,  where I can market my books, write more stories, and blog about any kink or sex related topic that crosses my mind.

I am not certain whether I will continue to write here or not, though I will be around to read other people’s posts as I do enjoy them very much!


Good Girl Dead – **New Release**

Hiiiii everyone!  I did another thing – released another short story.  This one is a little more.. um.. taboo than the last.  Hence, it went under my Stormy Foxx alias.

Find it on Amazon here

And!!  If you’re a member of Kindle Unlimited, you can ready for free.  Otherwise, only 99 cents!